Kalamata olive  $9
French  $5

Bone Broth (pint / frozen)

Chicken  $3
Beef  $5

Smoked Meats

Pazstrami duck breast  (aprox 8 to 12 ounce piece)   $23 per pound
Slab apple wood smoked bacon  $8 per pound / Sliced apple wood smoked Bacon  $9 per pound
Pecan smoked salmon bellies (salmon bacon)  $12 per pound

Raw meats   (frozen)

Lamb rack (Australian, frenched, approx 14 ounce per)  $23 per pound
Filet mignon (8 ounce, center cut, choice)   $28 per pound

Salad dressings

8 ounce Thai basil  $3.50 per
8 ounce Smoked onion   $4 per

Pasta  (fresh frozen / made in house)

Bucatini   $4 per pound
Campanalle    $3 per pound

Pastries  (coming august 19th)

8 ounces of Oatmeal raisin cookies   $8
Lemon curd tartlette, with fresh berries   $9
Chocolate Chambord truffles, chocolate mousse  $10


La Tour de Gatigne ’19 Rose, Languedoc France    $25 per bottle
Chateau de Cappes ’18, Cotes de Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc    $25 per bottle
Chateau Nozieres ’15, Cahors, Malbec, France     $25 per bottle